The Venture Industry’s 2018 Most Influential List

going beyond data alone in order to recognize the most influential members of local venture communities.

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  • Investment

    Be an active fund or group of investors with more than (3) investments made in 2017

  • Community

    Be involved with the startup community on a local level

  • Impact

    Have made an impact on the lives of at least (1) entrepreneur that goes beyond writing a check alone


Global Recognition

With a global network of 2,000 funds and over 30,000 companies leveraging our platform, this is a fantastic way for your firm to get the global recognition you deserve.

Marketing Perks

In making this year’s list, you will receive an abundance of value-add marketing opportunities that range from social media to content features to potentially even guest spot appearances on industry podcasts!

All winners will receive a bio on our 2018 awards page, including an SEO fueled link back to your website!

Exclusive Access

All winners will also receive exclusive access to a number of pilot programs within the Venture360 app, including a deal valuation tool & industry database designed to give your firm the competitive advantage in this ever-changing landscape.

Discounts & Services

All nominees will have access to a complimentary consulting session designed to help identify ways your firm can save money & increase productivity. This also includes special and unique incentive programs for various fund management services & platform add-ons!


  • Nomination Deadline

    All nominees for 2018 must be submitted by April 1st 2018.

  • Qualifying Round

    All nominees who qualify must have completed their qualification call by June 1st 2018

  • Finalist Announcement

    All finalists for 2018’s list will be announced by Oct 1 2018