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Investor Software Features

Deal Pipeline

Venture360’s deal pipeline is a completely customizable way to organize your deal flow into the process that best supports your organization. From funding stages to custom permissions around when investors get access – it is all here.

  • Custom Applications

    Create custom applications to help companies communicate their funding needs in the best way possible.

  • Custom Link

    Companies can directly apply for funding or register through your website using your custom link.

  • Deal Stages

    Deals move seamlessly through customizable stages with easy syndication to your favorite partners and built-in messaging.

  • Featured Deals

    Select certain deals to show up on the Dashboard of investors.

Portfolio Management

Venture360 supports all major transactions from preferred equity to safe notes, so your portfolio can easily be tracked and analyzed in one place.

  • Track

    Easily track all investments through multiple funds and groups in one account.

  • Close

    Ready to close a deal? You can move money, electronically sign documents and store all closing information in one place using Venture360.

  • Analyze

    Venture360’s analytics provide insight into anything from how your portfolio is performing to the different industry segments that make up your investment strategy.

Investor Portals

Venture360 clients enjoy providing the best possible service to their investors and LPs through our white-labeled investor portals.

  • Investor Registration

    The Venture360 white-labeled experience includes a custom link placed on your website where prospective investors can register to invest or current investors can login.

  • Investor Profiles

    Investor profiles provide a complete portfolio summary, capital account summary (if they invested in a fund), access to action items like paying capital calls, electronically signing documents, file storage and many other features.

  • Statements & Reporting

    Venture360 automatically generates statements regarding portfolio assets and fund account summaries on a timeline set by the account administrators.  Custom reports can be created within Venture360 and published to investor profiles or distributed via email.

Company Metrics & Reporting

Performance at your fingertips. Select one of our hundreds of standard KPIs or build your own to track any metric you want regarding a company. Metrics can then be added to a chart to visualize performance over time.

  • Custom Metrics

    Ask companies to report any metric you want.

  • Chart Any Data

    Create charts comparing one metric to another over time.

  • Custom Reports

    Custom reports can be created by easily embedding any chart.

Fund Management

Manage your entire fund back office in one, simple platform.

  • Capital Accounts

    Capital account summaries provide a complete snapshot of everything happening within the fund.

  • Capital Calls

    Create capital calls and invoice LPs with an option to transfer funds built into Venture360. Quick and easy.

  • Analytics

    Fund analytics at your fingertips. Anything from DPI to dry powder.

  • Reporting

    Create easy and beautiful custom reports using data already in Venture360. 

SPVs & Pass-throughs

Let us take the headache out of managing pass-through funding vehicles. Easily associate entities to owners and track their funding activity.

  • Closing through an entity

    Entities can be set-up as part of a closing to group all investors into for easy structuring.

  • Investment Tracking

    All investments made through a pass-through vehicle will flow through to the individual owners’ portfolios.

  • Investing As

    Entities can be set-up as a vehicle an individual will typically “invest as”