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Company Software Features

Deal Rooms

Venture360 is your own white-labeled capital raising platform. Deal rooms host everything from a custom profile to file storage and discussions.

  • Build a beautiful profile

    This is how your company is introduced to investors.

  • Custom Link

    Share your custom link with anyone you want to register for access to your fund raising platform.

  • Take Commitments

    Set-up your round and easily track investor commitments.

Investor Access

Whether you want to be public or private about your capital raise, investor access to your Venture360 account is always on your terms.

  • Public Access

    Venture360 will provide you with a unique link for investors to use to register for access to your platform. You can place this link on your website or share through social media. You approve or deny access requests.

  • Community Access

    Venture360 powers the funding activity of thousands of funds, angel groups and family offices all over the world. When you select to make your profile “Public,” all of these investors can search for your company and request access.

  • Global Search

    Your Venture360 account comes with a complete database of 5,000+ funding organizations all over the world. Just search for anyone and directly invite them to your Venture360 platform.


Accurate and timely reporting to your investors is absolutely key to any long-term capital raising strategy, and it is all here in Venture360.

  • Metrics

    Add any metric to begin tracking in Venture360 – from user traction to paying customers.

  • Charts

    Any metric in Venture360 can be used to create a chart visualizing the data over time. Charts can then be added to any custom report. Boom! Your reporting is done.

  • Link Financial Software

    Link either your Quickbooks or Xero account to have Venture360 automatically download your financial statements. Don’t worry – your investors only see financial statements and nothing else.

Fully Electronic Capital Close

Congratulations! You have investors ready to invest – now what? Don’t worry our seamless closing system will get you money fast.

  • Issue Invoices

    Click a button and issue invoices to all of your investors. We’ve integrated payment options with Stripe, so they can click and pay.

  • Send out documents for signature

    Upload closing documents to Venture360 and send them to all participating investors for electronic execution. Done!

  • Record Keeping is DONE!

    Because you just closed a deal using Venture360, the entire transaction is now in your cap table and accessible in your investors’ profiles upon their next login. Your record keeping was done in three clicks.

Cap Table Management

Cap Tables are just a record of transactions. Since you are using Venture360 to record your transaction, the cap table is automatically built for you. Keep it simple from here on out.

  • Track Investments

    Easily add round information and participating investors to your cap table. Including any closing docs, invoices, notes, etc.

  • Update Valuation

    Simply click a button to record your latest valuation, and Venture360 will automatically calculate the returns of each individual investor’s account.

  • Record Keeping

    Every round you raise using Venture360 is automatically populated to your cap table, which automatically updates all investors’ profiles. One complete system for all your capital raising needs.

SPV Management

Have multiple investors in a round & want to keep your cap table looking clean? Tap into our special purpose vehicle (SPV) management services and we can get that accomplished for you.

  • Set-up and track multiple investment vehicles

    Investors rarely invest as themselves, so Venture360 makes it easy to set-up funding vehicle investment profiles and link to individual profiles.

  • SPV Set-up Services

    Venture360’s in-house SPV management services include a standard operating agreement, all necessary state incorporation filings, and any other formation filings to get your SPV set-up and ready.

  • Tax Filings

    In addition to our formation services, Venture360 will file all annual taxes for your SPVs.


Everything you need, nothing you don’t

  • Capital Raising Support
  • $60
    per year
  • While-labeled Deal Rooms
  • Invite Investors
  • Global Investor Search
  • Community Access
  • Investor Reporting
  • Track Round Commitments
  • Cap Table Management
  • $99
    per month
  • Integrated invoices with funds transfer

  • Electronic execution of all closing documents
  • Closed rounds automatically go to cap table

  • Easily track all investments and any changes
  • Round modeling and waterfall analysis

Please Keep In Mind…

  • WE DO

    Provide controlled access to a private capital raising platform. Connecting with investors is on your terms using our tools.

  • WE DO

    Provide country specific self-accreditation options that can be required or not.

  • WE DO

    We charge a small subscription fee and in no way charge as a result of funding. You keep all the money you raise.

  • WE DO

    Provide you with an incredibly efficient and professional platform upon which to organize your capital raising activity.


    facilitate connections or raise money for people.


    make sure your capital raise complies with SEC guidelines or those of your respective country.


    broker/dealer, and therefore, do not affect transactions.


    provide legal advice, corporate formation services, or any other service to prepare to raise capital.